About Us

The New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC) leverages and strengthens the region’s extraordinary ocean science and educational assets to advance understanding of the vital connections between people and the ocean. To support this mission, member institutions:

  • Expand their capacity to bring ocean science to the public by working and learning together.
  • Create and deliver programs to diverse audiences by working in partnership with people and organizations who share our mission.
  • Create and disseminate materials and programs that enable all people to learn about the ocean.
  • Model innovative and effective methods for integrating ocean sciences and scientists into education and outreach efforts.

NEOSEC taps into the wealth of ocean resources in the region. The diversity represented by NEOSEC of professional expertise (from aquarists to institutional Vice Presidents), resources (animals, boats, visitor centers, and libraries), locations (urban to rural, sandy, rocky, and marshy coastlands), and audiences (from pre-school to adult learners, both formal and informal) facilitates strong connections between New England scientists and educators, linking research and practice to create powerful and effective educational programs and materials. Critical to our success is our partnerships with other organizations, scientists, and educators who, with our member organizations, deliver programs to diverse audiences.

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