Aquariums and Climate Coalition Presents Online Talk

Thanks to a generous grant from NOAA, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, New England Aquarium and National Aquarium in Baltimore established a partnership to advance the discussion of climate change and the ocean among aquariums and their visitors. Joined by nearly all of the aquariums in the United States, the Aquariums and Climate Coalition has been working to provide marine educators with ways to address this topic with the public.

On Friday, August 6, three of the Aquariums and Climate Coalition members — from the East Coast, the Gulf Coast, and the West Coast — will join program host Tom Bowman for a 90 minute candid, in-depth online conversation about communicating the link between climate change and the Gulf oil spill with visitors. You will hear about the challenges and opportunities they are wrestling with in their institutions and among their stakeholders. We hope you will join the program too and bring your own experiences and questions to share. Register for the event here.

To help prepare for the event, Tom has written a paper on the connection between the oil spill and climate change, which you can access here.

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