Call for 2012 Gulf of Maine Council Awards Nominations

Do you know a group or individual who has worked professionally or selflessly volunteered to improve the Gulf of Maine? A volunteer who has devoted his or her life to natural resource and environmental issues in the Gulf? A very special coastal management professional who works in the Gulf of Maine? A member of the industry that has gone above and beyond requirements to be a good Gulf citizen? A community or a group within a community that exemplifies a sustainable environment and economy?

The Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment is calling for nominations for its annual Visionary, Longard, Susan Snow-Cotter Leadership, Industry, and Sustainable Communities Awards.

  • One group and one individual—paid professionals or volunteers are eligible—in each province and state will be selected to receive a Visionary Award.
  • One Longard Award will be selected to honor a lifetime of achievement in his or her volunteer work.
  • One individual will be selected for the Susan Snow-Cotter Award to recognize a coastal management professional who exemplifies outstanding leadership or exceptional mentoring in the Gulf of Maine watershed.
  • One Industry will be selected to receive the Award.
  • New this year: one group or a group within a community will be selected for the new Sustainable Communities Award.
  • The deadline to nominate a group or individual for an award is April 30, 2012. Please send Michele Tremblay at your completed Visionary, Longard, Susan Snow-Cotter, Industry, and Sustainable Communities Awards forms, which can be found at

    Further information on the awards as well as a list of past award recipients are posted here.

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