Captain Rob Yeomans of BOAT CAMP Nature School Honored as Friend of the Earth

Salem State University recently chose Captain Rob Yeomans as one of two recipients of their Friend of the Earth Award. Rob, co-founder (with his wife, Kate) and Education Director of BOAT CAMP Nature school, is also a high school science teacher at Newburyport High School.

Each year, The Earth Day Planning Committee at Salem Sate nominates candidates for the award to be given during Earth Day events in the spring. Salem’s Earth Day theme was “Sustaining Our Oceans: Key to Earth’s Future,” and there is no doubt that Rob’s energetic approach to education, both in and outside the classroom, coupled with the success of BOAT CAMP Nature School are what earned him this honor. For more information, click here. Be sure to check out Capt Yeoman’s website for kids, too:

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