Citizen Scientists Needed in Maine for Seabird Mortality Project

The Seabird Ecological Assessment Network (SEANET) needs citizen scientists of all ages to join us in protecting Maine’s coast! The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has awarded SEANET a project grant to study seabird mortality in Maine. The baseline data collected will permit better detection of chronic, low-level oil spills and inform damage assessments after major spills. You can help by joining SEANET and walking a segment of Maine’s shoreline once or twice a month collecting data on environmental conditions, beach debris and both dead and live bird sightings. No scientific background or special training is required, just a desire to help Maine’s marine ecosystems! The reports you and other Maine volunteers submit are the backbone of this effort. The project grant spans one year, and all volunteers who submit a full year’s worth of data will receive a SEANET t-shirt as our thanks. At the end of the year, you are welcome to remain with SEANET and continue submitting data from your beach for our larger studies. If you are interested in taking an active role in the stewardship of Maine’s treasured coast, or in helping us get the word out about SEANET, please contact Julie Ellis at 508-887-4933 or
SEANET is the only program conducting standardized beached bird monitoring on the Atlantic coast of the United States. Our data is entirely volunteer generated, and you can help! For more information on SEANET’s work and how you can join us, visit the SEANET blog

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