Climate Change Solutions Workshop for Educators – NE Aquarium

You and your students may already be well aware of climate change and the causes behind it. But what can any of us do about it?  Find out at this workshop! Learn solutions-based activities that will help you and your students reduce greenhouse gas
emissions.  You’ll also hear more about climate change legislation at the national level. Friday, October 16, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., New England Aquarium
* Presentation about the New England Carbon Challenge by Julia Dundorf,  founder and co-director of the Carbon Challenge
* Private tour of the Aquarium through the lens of climate change
* Information about the Aquarium’s Climate Change Initiative
* Activities and lessons focusing on climate change

PDPs are available for those completing an additional project.

Two registration options are available:
One-day workshop $30.00 total   OR
One-day workshop and purchase of Climate Change Backpack™ $130.00 total
Climate Change backpacks are also available for loan; purchase is not required

To register, visit Clean Air, Cool Planet.
Questions about the workshop? Contact Nicole Scola, New England Aquarium Teacher Resource Center,, 617-973-6590.

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