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Watch our Webinar on the City Nature Challenge with a demonstration of how to use iNaturalist

Find other Teacher Resources for Schoolyard Bioblitzes and Citizen Science below


EOL has developed MA STE-aligned classroom and field activities for high school students to support the City Nature Challenge. Activities focus on:

  • Understanding and appreciating global and local biodiversity
  • Discovering value of participating in citizen science and open science
  • Building science skills by engaging in observation, data collection, and analysis

Activity Flow

Before CNC:

Activity 1: Introduction to Biodiversity – Explore biodiversity on a global scale

Activity 2: Citizen Science and Open Science – Introduce these concepts and how anyone can engage in the scientific process

Activity 3:  iNaturalist – Developing skills to navigate iNat and make observations 

After CNC:

Activity 4: iNaturalist Data Exploration – Explore results from Boston and other cities by investigating adaptations to climate, presence of invasive/endangered species, and ecology 

EOL Species Cards Decks for City Nature Challenge

Compare and learn facts and figures about organisms with EOL Species Cards. Students can collect cards or play games to learn about classification and adaptations. Visit for the full list of cards, a user guide, and links to lesson plans using cards. The following decks highlight the diversity of New England from forests to the ocean. Download and print them out!

New England Decks

Bioblitz Taxa Deck: Major animal groups, plants, and fungi

Teacher Resources for Schoolyard Bioblitzes and Citizen Science