Get out and observe – ideas for when and where

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Get out and observe anytime between April 14 and 18 to contribute to the Boston City Nature Challenge!


Here are some places you can make observations:

    • Your backyard or local park: Yes! Information about the biodiversity right around your home is super useful
    • Special places: A number of organizations would value observers come and record biodiversity at their locations. Here is a list of locations who would value your participation. See calendar below for organized events.
    • Anywhere within the designated region. Any and all biodiversity observations are helpful – so don’t hesitate, record and share!


Special Places for the Boston City Nature Challenge

Locations who are encouraging bioblitzers

Here are some places who are especially excited about having bioblitzers come to document the biodviersity found there:

Metropolitan Boston


North Shore

South Shore

If you have an event or venue you’d like featured, please email Aimee Bonanno.