COSEE OS and NEOSEC Project Announcement

The New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC) is partnering with the Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence Ocean Systems (COSEE OS) to identify and model broader impact best practices for effectively engaging NEOSEC member institutions and scientists to develop model ocean science programs and events.

The project entitled,“Strategies for Engaging Scientists in Ocean Science Broader Impact Programs,” will identify and model broader impact best practices for effectively engaging NEOSEC members and scientists in high quality ocean science education and outreach programs and events. Specifically, NEOSEC will explore effective ways for NEOSEC partners to involve ocean scientists in broader impact best practices at their own institutions or in NEOSEC collaborative projects. This project will include: (1) Working with NEOSEC members to detail successful collaborations among ocean scientists and programs, and to identify 2 to 3 projects (exhibits, schools, or informal programming) that need or will benefit from meaningful engagement of ocean scientists; (2) Identifying and recruiting scientists based upon those needs; and (3) Assisting NEOSEC members in program development, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination. Program planners from both COSEE Ocean Systems and NEOSEC have a solid foundation of experiences and expertise to draw from including previous ocean science program planning, the development of guidelines and criteria for success, concept mapping, exhibit development, and evaluation tools.This knowledge base and expertise will serve to help NEOSEC members design high quality projects (schools, exhibits, or informal programs).This meaningful engagement of ocean scientists and programming will create a shared understanding about what is known about effective scientist engagement and will serve to identify and model best practices in engaging scientists. Furthermore, scientists will benefit from being engaged efficiently and effectively and, the quality of these projects will be enhanced from the involvement of scientists.Program outcomes will be assessed for appropriate audiences as well as the impact on scientists.

For more information about the Strategies for Engaging Scientists in Ocean Science Broader Impact Programs, please contact, Kim Frashure at

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