COSEE Webinar: Melting Icebergs and Marine Ecosystems

October 20 at 7pm ET: Measuring Melts & Metals : Implications for Marine Ecosystems. Featuring : Dr. Ben Twining (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences) and Annette deCharon (COSEE-Ocean Systems)

Think melting icebergs only affect sea level or ocean salinity? Dr. Twining will discuss his recent research in the Arctic focusing on the role of icebergs in the ocean’s nutrient cycles and carbon uptake as they act as a source of chemicals (such as iron) that enrich the biological communities around them – with potential global-scale implications. Using a suite of technologies (including remotely operated vehicles and planes) Dr. Twining has been collecting data to reveal what’s going on in the ocean – even under the surface of the ice. The second portion of the presentation will feature COSEE-OS director Annette deCharon describing different concept mapping activities that encourage team building, reflection on personal and career pathways, and exploring diverse individual perspectives.  [sign up here]

Webinars are held every other Wednesday at 7PM ET/4PM PT. Registering allows you to contribute your own questions for scientists to answer during the webinar. Details on all upcoming webinars are available at

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