BioBlitz Dive Party

4:45pm @ 17 Apr 2017

5:45pm @ 17 Apr 2017

$ Free

City Nature Challenge,Marine

Plum Cove Beach, Gloucester, MA, United States

If you aren’t familiar with a Bioblitz it is a specified period of time during which scientists, citizen scientists, and pretty much everyone can photograph and ID as many species as possible.

This event will be held at Plum Cove Beach in Gloucester, and will be marine focused, either tidepooling, SCUBA diving, or snorkeling.

To participate all you need is a camera, cell phone, or even a tablet that can take pictures either above water or underwater. We will have containers, field guides and other experts on hand to help ID your discoveries, and even if we can’t ID you can still upload it and request digital help from scientists around the world.

Open to the public.

See the facebook event for more information.


Clay Kern and Amy Lorenz