Educators: Join Research Cruise to South Pacific Gyre

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program invites educators to apply to sail on the JOIDES Resolution to serve as the onboard Education Officer during Expedition 329: South Pacific Gyre, October 8- December 12. This expedition will, among other goals, document the habitats, activities, composition and biomass of microbial communities in subseafloor sediments. Deep Earth Academy (IODP’s education program) invites interested educators at all levels (elementary – college) and informal science specialists to apply to be a part of this exciting scientific endeavor. The selected education officer will be responsible for sharing the science story with the outside world, including students, educators, and the general public. He/she will coordinate educational activities on board, such as blogging, maintaining social networking sites and facilitating live video conferences to classrooms, museums and special events on shore.  Applications

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