Encyclopedia Of Life Newsletter Highlights Families By the Seaside

NEOSEC’s Families by the Seaside program was recently featured in the July 2011 issue of Encyclopedia of Life’s (EOL’s) newsletter. The NOAA-funded project brings underserved/underrepresented families to the coast based on their own interests. Through EOL’s leadership, families will use web-based science and technology resources – from coastal monitoring buoys, to National Weather Service maps, to online field guides – to supplement their experiences in the field. To find out more about EOL or sign up for their newsletter, visit their website http://www.eol.org/.

“This ambitious effort aims to improve the way regional science centers and aquariums reach underserved families through outdoor and web-based family learning experiences that focus on the role oceans play in our daily lives.” -EOL July 2011 Newsletter excerpt

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