Expedition for Earth and Ocean Science Educators

School of Rock 2010 Cascadia Cores and CORKS, a Hands-on, Research-based Expedition for Earth and Ocean Science Educators During IODP Expedition 328 (Cascadia Subduction Zone ACORK Observatory), September 3-19, 2010
During School of Rock research experiences, K-12, informal, and undergraduate educators have daily opportunities to conduct hands-on analyses of sediment and hard-rock cores with scientists and technicians who specialize in IODP research. This year’s workshop will focus on how cores and CORKS (http://www.oceanleadership.org/classroom/corks) shed light on the hydrology and geology of the Cascadia subduction zone. The workshop will also provide educators with time to develop and plan new museum or classroom activities based on their new knowledge and research.
Jennifer Collins, Teacher in Residence, Deep Earth Academy
Tel (202) 787-1614 jcollins@oceanleadership.org

Leslie Peart, Education Director, Deep Earth Academy
Tel: (202) 787-1603 lpeart@oceanleadership.org


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