Follow Research Cruise with Educators and Artists Aboard

We invite everyone to follow along on the next adventure of the JOIDES Resolution – Expedition 327: Juan de Fuca Hydrogeology! Expedition 327 will install several sub-seafloor observatories to monitor fluid circulation and microbial activity in the ocean’s crust – using cutting edge technology to help scientists explore many unanswered questions about activity and life beneath the seafloor. Expedition 327 will also carry a unique international team of educators and artists – who are all excited to communicate with you and answer your questions in multiple ways and multiple languages! Learn more about them here:  The expedition begins July 5th (next week!) and runs through September 5, 2010. You can become a part of it at, where you can read blogs, see the ship’s location, send in questions, find out who’s on board, and much more! You can also Adopt a Microbe on this expedition and do weekly activities that scientists will be responding to, win prizes, and learn all about these critters that live in the deep dark depths! Check it out here:

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