Fundamentals of Environmental Education

This popular online course, developed at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, is now offered through the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). Join Dr. Rosanne Fortner, Co-Chair of the 2011 conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education and career environmental educator, for asynchronous learning about the foundations of environmental education and how it is implemented and evaluated by professionals. The course may be taken for undergraduate, graduate, or distance learning [graduate] credit. No text or face-to-face meetings are required.

The course counts toward EE certification for North Carolina. Since this course also provides 3 graduate credit hours through UNCW, you must first apply as a Non-Degree Student to UNCW: Graduate distance learning cost for the course is $561.51 (in-state) and $2168.55 (out of state).  Deadline for application is November 15, 2010. Class begins January 10, 2011.

Questions? Contact the Department of Environmental Studies <> for registration information. For course information, contact

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