Gundalow Company Receives Grant

The Gundalow Company has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Robbins-de Beaumont Foundation. The one-year grant will support the development and implementation of new “place-based” environmental programs in the Piscataqua Maritime Region. “It’s an honor to support an organization with such strong leadership, strategic planning, community support and willingness to collaborate and share insights,” noted John Robbins, Robbins-de Beaumont Foundation Advisory Board Member. “We’re excited to become a part of the Gundalow’s future programming.”

The Gundalow Company, which operates a replica of the flat bottom gundalows used to haul freight throughout the Piscataqua and Great Bay tidal region in the18th and 19th centuries, currently provides one-hour dockside programs for students aboard the Captain Edward H. Adams. The Robbins de Beaumont grant will support the development of more experiential education experiences, which will include topics such as maritime history, navigation, water quality, climate change and habitat exploration. These new programs will impact the way people relate to the Piscataqua Maritime Region and forge a lasting relationship between students’ and their environment.

“We are fortunate to receive this grant from the Robbins-de Beaumont Foundation,” said Molly Bolster, Executive Director of the Gundalow Company. “The gundalow provides a unique vehicle for maritime and environmental education and this grant will enable us to expand our program offerings and help us better achieve our mission of protecting the heritage of the Piscataqua region through education and action.”

About the Robbins de Beaumont Foundation

The Robbins-de Beaumont Foundation was founded in November 1992 so that the descendants of Josephine Colwell and Loring Robbins might have a vehicle for fostering training and education. The Foundation supports nonprofit organizations whose goals are helping people reach their full potential as contributing members of their families, neighborhoods and society at large. Areas of special interest include: the education of children and adults in areas of parenting, volunteerism, employment/life skills, preservation of the environment, performing and visual arts and substance abuse.

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