Horseshoe Crab Conference

Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is hosting a free Horseshoe Crab Conference.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 17, 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m. and will be held at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in South Wellfleet.  This year’s conference will highlight the results of local research. Presentations include  “Movement  Patterns and spawning Dynamics of Horseshoe Crabs in Pleasant Bay”  by Mary-Jane James-Pirri, University of Rhode Island; and “Mortality in Female Horseshoe Crabs from Biomedical Bleeding and Handling: Implications for Fisheries Management” by Alison Leschen, Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve; and “Results from Censusing, Tagging, and Juvenile Surveys in Wellfleet Harbor” by Wellfleet Bay’s Sarah Martinez and Katherine Terkanian.  The conference will also include a talk by Dr. Dan Gibson who will provide an overview of horseshoe crab biology and development. And the Division of Marine Fisheries biologist Vincent Malkoski will give some perspective on state-wide censusing of horseshoe crabs, as well as provide an overview of the fishery and current regulations.  While the conference is free, pre-registration is encouraged due to limited space.

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