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The University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography (URI/GSO) has launched one of the most comprehensive Internet resources on hurricanes, Hurricanes: Science and Society (HSS;  The HSS website and its associated educational resources provide information on the science of hurricanes, methods of observing hurricanes, modeling and forecasting of hurricanes, how hurricanes impact society, and how people and communities can prepare for and mitigate the impacts of hurricanes. In addition to in-depth science content, the website includes educational resources, case studies, and a historical storm interactive. Information is tailored for specific audiences, including middle school through undergraduate educators and students, the general public, and the media.  All content has undergone rigorous peer review by an esteemed panel of hurricane experts. The development of the HSS website was led by GSO’s Gail Scowcroft and Isaac Ginis and designed in coordination with Raytheon Web Solutions. The website has been made possible by a grant from the Informal Science Education Program of the National Science Foundation.

To receive more information about the Hurricanes: Science and Society project, please contact Holly Morin via email ( or by phone (401-874-6414).

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