Invasive Species in the Gulf of Maine

CZM’s Aquatic Invasive Species Program has released a review paper, Marine Invasive Species (PDF, 14.4 MB), which describes the impacts, vectors, emerging threats, and management responses to these species in the Gulf of Maine. Authored by CZM’s Adrienne Pappal, the paper presents the first synthesis of marine invasive species information specific to the Gulf of Maine ecosystem—a useful resource for managers, researchers, and those with an invasive species interest. This paper was written as part of the Gulf of Maine Council’s State of the Gulf of Maine Report—a modular, living document that presents an on-going evaluation of priority issues in the Gulf of Maine. A number of theme papers on climate change and emerging issues have been released to date and additional theme papers are in production. For more information on CZM’s invasive species efforts, see the Aquatic Invasive Species Program website.

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