Job Opportunity: Teachers Needed to Pilot NOAA Lessons — High Schools

NOS Education and NSTA are working on a new resources for educators – a module (aka SciGuide) focused on tides and currents – and we need your help! We are seeking formal classroom educators to pilot and provide feedback on nine lessons being developed at the 9-12 classroom level.  We will need one teacher “piloter” per lesson (a teacher can pilot more than one lesson).  The teacher needs to pilot the lesson in his/her classroom.  The students must be in grades 9-12.  The teacher will be required to provide feedback about the lesson via a feedback form. The teacher will be required to provide a two to three paragraph description of how s/he used the lesson in their classroom. This summary will be included in the SciGuide and be read by other teachers using the lesson.This will be described in more detail in the feedback form. We will need a piece of completed student work. More information about this will be included in the feedback form. We will need at least one photograph of the activity. This photograph can be of the students participating in the activity or it can be a photograph of the set up of the activity. It cannot show the faces of the students, i.e. the students cannot be identifiable. The teacher must be able to pilot the lesson and provide all feedback by January 31, 2011. Teachers will be paid $200/lesson!

If you are interested in piloting one or more lessons, email Leisa Clark at: no later than November 12, 2010 and cc Bruce Moravchik at Teachers will be selected on a first come first serve basis.

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