MIT Sea Grant: Learn to Build ROV Workshops for Teachers

MIT Sea Grant is quickly entering the second year of the Sea Perch Institute. Find out more about the Sea Perch Institute, and how your school can become involved.  In 2003 MIT Sea Grant College Program (MITSG) started the Sea Perch Program as an innovative way ignite children’s enthusiasm for science, technology and engineering. MITSG educators have run over 24 two-day “train the trainer” workshops across the country and internationally, training over 425 teachers. These teachers then return to their schools and train their students to build an ROV, or remotely operated vehicle.  In 2009 MITSG piloted the Sea Perch Institute, SPI.  SPI allows MITSG educators and engineers to work more closely with selected schools and thoroughly embed Sea Perch into a school’s curriculum.  If selected to participate in SPI, you and your school will receive

-Four professional development sessions throughout the school year

-Classroom visits from MITSG staff

-Support from MITSG educators and engineers

-Access to MIT tow tank, test tanks, AUV lab, and MIT Museum visits

-Stipend for materials

-Final event at MIT with all participants

Schools must commit two teachers to this program.  MITSG will only be accepting four new schools in 2010-2011. Applications are due back to MITSG by September 30, 2010. Schools will be accepted by October 15, and the first professional development workshop is scheduled for October 23, 2010


Sarah O. Hammond Office: 617-715-5148
Lab:  978-283-6275

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