Lessons from the Deep – Online

NOAA’s Office of Exploration and Research (OER), in partnership with the College of Exploration, will offer the free online workshop, Lessons from the Deep: Exploring the Gulf of Mexico’s Deep-Sea Ecosystems, October 11-29, 2010.  Between 2002 and 2009, OER sponsored 14 expeditions to study little-known deep-sea organisms and ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico.  Some of the sites studied are within a few miles of the Deepwater Horizon well.  Each of these expeditions was documented with an extensive website that included lesson plans for educators of grades 5-12.  NOAA is developing an online professional development offering for educators of all levels that will focus on OER’s Gulf of Mexico Deep-Sea expeditions.  The course will be supported by keynote addresses from scientists and an Exploring the Gulf of Mexico’s Deep-Sea Ecosystem Materials Collection.  The collection includes a selection of lesson plans together with new lessons and additional background information about the Deepwater Horizon blowout event.  The workshop will be free for all participants and will be available 24/7.  Registration will be open at the end of August through the website. http://www.coexploration.org/oe/

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