Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Address: 89 Depot Rd., Greenland, NH 03840
Primary contact name: Kelle Loughlin
Primary contact email:
Phone: 603-778-0015

Mission: Great Bay NERR is part of a national network of protected areas established for long-term research, education and stewardship. This partnership program between NOAA and the coastal states protects more than one million acres of estuarine land and water, which provides essential habitat for wildlife; offers educational opportunities for students, teachers and the public; and serves as living laboratories for scientists.

Ocean Literacy

Principle 5: The ocean supports a diversity of life and ecosystems.
K-12 Spring and Fall programs focus on the diversity of life within both the estuary and the ocean. Tides, currents and fisheries are covered as they relate both to the ecological function of an estuary as well as early human settlement.

Principle 6: The ocean is connected to us and we are connected to it.
Focus on estuarine/marine food webs as they connect to humans, as well as the inextricable link between settlement and natural resources.

Ocean Observing:

The Research Reserve uses this data as part of its Research Program. There is some interpretation of general water quality data as it relates to species, within our education programs. But, primarily this data is used by Research.