Gundalow Company

Address: PO Box 425, Portsmouth, NH 03802-0425
Primary contact name: Molly Bolster
Primary contact email:
Phone: 603-433-9505

Mission: Today the Gundalow Company’s mission – to protect the Piscataqua Maritime Region through education and action– has never been more important. Our programs – held throughout the tidal towns of the Piscataqua – connect our maritime history with contemporary coastal issues such as water quality, habitat restoration, conservation, and stewardship.

Communications / Networking:
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Ocean Literacy:

As we develop new programs that will be offered onboard a vessel for school groups and the public, we are incorporating all seven OL principles in the program content. In addition, we are planning professional development workshops for teachers, and lecture series for adults that will include info about the Ol principles.

Ocean Observing:

We have access to data through UNH that will inform our new programs.