New England Aquarium

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Address: Central Wharf, Boston MA 02115
Contact: Pam DiBona
Phone: 617-973-6566

Mission: The New England Aquarium’s mission is to protect the blue planet through hands-on programs, live animal and interactive exhibits, public lectures and forums, and research and conservation projects.

Communication / Networking
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Ocean Literacy:

Principle 1: The Earth has one big ocean with many features
Exhibits, Teacher workshops, some of the Outreach classes, some of the Explorer classes on site, Ocean detectives classes, within content of Newsletters.

Principle 2: The ocean and life in the ocean shape the features of the Earth
Teacher workshops and content Institutes

Principle 3: The ocean is a major influence on weather and climate
Teacher workshops and content Institutes

Principle 4: The ocean makes Earth habitable
Teacher workshops

Principle 5: The ocean supports a diversity of life and ecosystems.
Exhibits Teacher workshops Some of the Outreach classes Some of the Explorer classes on site Ocean detectives classes Newsletters camps

Principle 6: The ocean is connected to us and we are connected to it.
Exhibits, Teacher workshops Camps Some of the explorer classes Some of the outreach programs

Principle 7: The ocean is largely unexplored.
Exhibits Teacher workshops newsletters camps Ocean detectives classes Sea Quirts Family programs

Ocean Observing:

Camps use the data in student projects.