Registration is open! Online registration closes November 1st

Two days of activities for $175. Friday-only registration for $100.

With online registration, you can register to:

  1. Attend the Summit
  2. Exhibit at the Summit
  3. Participate in the Science and Education Fair
  4. Exhibit and or sell your art in the Art Show
  5. Sign up for the substitute teacher reimbursement
Price Ticket Class
$50.00 Art Show Exhibitor Only
$75.00 Summit Speaker
$75.00 Student
$75.00 Additional Exhibitor
$175.00 Summit Attendee
$175.00 Exhibitor, NEOSEC full member
$200.00 Summit Attendee and Art Show Exhibitor
$200.00 Exhibitor, NEOSEC associate member, Non-profit, and government agency
$225.00 Exhibitor, private sector institution