Mini-Grants Support Scientist-Educators Partnerships for Ocean Literacy

The New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSEC) is collaborating with the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence Ocean Systems COSEE-OS to increase involvement of scientists in NEOSEC collaborative programs, support NEOSEC institutions, leverage COSEE-OS resources and help to document and disseminate NEOSEC’s model for collaboration. As a specific activity under this partnership is distribution of mini-grants to fund NEOSEC collaborations with scientists centered on developing museum or aquarium exhibits, formal classroom activities, and informal educational programming. The goal of the mini-grant program is to support individual institutions in work directly with ocean scientists to advance ocean literacy, achieve broader impacts of ocean research, and expand partnerships between scientists and educators. During 2012, NEOSEC and COSEE-OS will fund three ocean science projects through the mini-grant program. Read more about the funded programs here.

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