MITS 2010 Summer Institutes

MITS, Inc. Museum Institute for Teaching Science, presents Interactions in the Sciences: Observe, Investigate, Explain: Explore how cycles, processes and systems connect life, physical and earth science, July 6-9 & July 12-16, for Upper Elementary and Middle School Educators.  A minds-on, hands-on professional development experience that will provide you with scientific knowledge, classroom investigations and a network of resources.  Offered in seven regions of Massachusetts and southeastern New Hampshire.
Take home a teaching resource kit to ensure your success using inquiry in the classroom. Earn PDPs and/or graduate credit.

Spend 1-2 days at each partner organization as you participate in content and skill development sessions taught by professional educators, scientists and content experts. Daily activities include both indoor, inquiry-based classroom experiences and outdoor, field experiences.  For a complete brochure or to register visit, e-mail, or call 617-328-1515.

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