National Marine Educators Association Conference (NMEA) Wrap-up

New England was fortunate to host this year’s National Marine Educators Association Conference NMEA 2011!  The Massachusetts Chapter of NMEA, Massachusetts Marine Educators, organized and welcomed more than 350 educators and scientists from around the world to Northeastern University in Boston June 27 to July 3, 2011.

As is the case every year at an NMEA conference, three days of concurrent sessions provided a wealth of knowledge, resources and inspiration. These sessions and the committee meetings were part of the continued efforts of marine educators, both nationally and internationally, to create a more ocean literate society. All of the more than 130 workshops in 13 time slots shared different aspects of and ways to advance the Seven Essential Principles of Ocean Literacy among multiple audiences.

NEOSEC members volunteered to keep the conference running smoothly, and presented four sessions on Thursday and Friday, June 30 and July 1.  All were well-attended, with great questions and feedback from participants – especially those who took part in our “candy NaGISA” training as part of the Summer Science in New England presentation!  For presentation materials, check out these links:

Collaboration that Works:  Promoting Ocean Literacy in New England <pdf>

Get WET in New England:  Ocean Literacy through Watershed Education and Training <pdf>

Summer Science in New England:  Ocean Education through Informal Science Centers <prezi link for now>

Families by the Seaside: Building Community-based Outdoor Ocean Science Learning Experiences<link>

An exciting development came from a meeting of International Marine Educators on the Monday prior to the conference. The attendees devoted a great deal of time to identify logical and inexpensive means to spread the word across the Atlantic, within Europe. A small European chapter of NMEA is most likely in the works to facilitate the efforts already underway to promote ocean literacy in those countries.

Thanks to Bob Rocha for contributions to this post.

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