Ocean Literacy Summit – Post Here for Carpooling or Roommates

Attending the Ocean Literacy Summit?  Carpool to the event, or find a roommate!

This year’s Summit is at the University of New Hampshire, in Durham.  We have reserved a block of double-occupancy rooms at the Durham Holiday Inn Express (group name “NEOSEC Summit”). Correspond with other attendees by commenting on this post – and find a ride or share a room!

To comment, click on the headline above and a comment box will open below the post. See you at the Summit!

2 thoughts on “Ocean Literacy Summit – Post Here for Carpooling or Roommates”

  1. I’d be interested in carpooling – to go up to UNH sometime on Thursday (I can leave whenever, happy to go early to help set up if help is needed) and returning home after Sylvia Earle’s talk on Friday. I can’t stay for the field trips on Saturday I’m afraid. I’d be able to carpool from somewhere around the 128/I-95/Route 1 intersection in Peabody/Danvers.

    If there is enough interest, I could look into the possibly of borrowing a van to run a shuttle to/from Wonderland Station…but still going up Thursday and returning Friday night.

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