Oceans à la Carte Workshop for K-12 Educators – Rhode Island

Join us at URI’s Bay Campus for a full menu of oceanography, marine, and environmental science presentations and workshop sessions for formal and informal educators. Choose from a variety of presentations by leading scientists, hands-on activities, and content information sessions. Door prizes include a free interpretive program from URI’s Narragansett Bay Classroom.  Keynote presentation by Dr. Christopher Deacutis, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program. “A Changing World: A Changing Bay? Water Quality Conditions in Narragansett Bay and Potential Climate-Driven Concerns.” Dr. Deacutis will cover some of the major water quality issues that presently exist in Narragansett Bay and discuss some of the troubling recent changes in climate and how they may be enhancing negative water quality impacts in the Bay.  Featured presentations and workshops will cover topics including:  Seawater Chemistry, Sustainable Seafood, Sea Level Rise, Sound in the Sea, Estuarine Environments, Using Real Time Data in the Classroom

In addition to the keynote, presentations and workshops, an opportunity to tour the Inner Space Center will be available.  The Inner Space Center utilizes telepresence technologies connecting the world to oceanographic exploration projects in real time to sharing the excitement of undersea discovery as it happens.

Saturday, May 22, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm,  Coastal Institute, URI’s Narragansett Bay Campus

Preregistration and prepayment by credit card or check is REQUIRED. Please visit http://omp.gso.uri.edu for a downloadable registration form. Registration deadline May 17, 2010.  For more information:  Call 401-874-6211 or email akecskes@gso.uri.edu. A map and full agenda will be sent to those who have sent in their fee and completed registration form.  More information regarding concurrent sessions and presentations will be posted on the Office of Marine Programs website, http://omp.gso.uri.edu.

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