Persistent Organic Pollutants: Webinar This Wednesday at 7PM ET

Join us Wednesday for an interactive, free 1-hour webinar and an opportunity to…

… learn about chemical pollutants found in our environment and their lasting effects (including related Gulf Oil Spill impacts)

… connect to resources that would be useful in chemistry, biology or other science lesson plans

… hear how other educators use pedagogical tools in innovative ways.

Sept. 22, 7pm ET – University of Connecticut scientist Dr. Penny Vlahos will share her research on persistent organic pollutants (also known as POPs) and how they make their way around our environments, including her recent related research in the Gulf of Mexico following the oil spill. Dr. Vlahos will use a concept map to walk through the science of these pollutants, and participants will be given access to the map and its resources. In addition, Sue Klemmer, science teacher at Camden Hills Regional High School, Camden, Maine, will describe how she’s used concept mapping for thinking and planning around teaching, and in helping her students process reading assignments.  A third (optional) section will include a walkthrough of tools developed by COSEE-OS to help educators and scientists communicate their ideas. (Total webinar time: 1 hour)

For more information about the entire “ROLE Model” Webinar Series, see our website,

Follow the steps below to connect to the September 22nd webinar:

1. Click on this link to access the meeting.

2. Enter your name and email address and click “Join Now”

If you are prompted for a meeting password, enter: Cosee2010

3. When you login, the “Webex Meeting Manager” will come up.

4. A window will ask you what number you would like to be called at, or if you will call in. Select “I will call in”

5. Call in using this toll free number from your phone: 1-866-469-3239

6. Enter the meeting number when prompted:  550 606 584

7. Optional: enter the Attendee ID# shown in the Meeting Manager Window.

PLEASE NOTE: Please join the webinar using your phone to dial the toll-free number provided. Please do not select the option to use your computer’s speakers and microphone to join the audio portion of the webinar, as this option can cause interference that can detract from the presentations.

Should you have any questions, please email Carla Companion at

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