Place-Based Learning Symposium, New Bedford

Place-Based Learning connects students to their immediate surroundings and heritage.  This method, sometimes called “pedagogy of place” allows individuals to teach and learn through observation and doing, using personally relevant resources as the context for their academic growth.  Museums, cultural centers, and many other non-traditional learning centers hold a world of educational, historical and cultural materials and experiences that enlighten all who visit them. Coinciding with traditional education practices, Place-Based learning centers possess the potential to enrich the learner’s experience and make difficult concepts clearer to understand.

Join the New Bedford ECHO Project on December 1st – 3rd for the first symposium on Place-Based learning.  The symposium will feature key note speakers including the Secretary of Education, Paul Reville, and concurrent sessions and working groups focused on discovering new partnerships and best practices in Place-Based learning. The conference is free to attend and teachers can receive 10 PDP’s for attending. For more information and how to register visit Or contact: Sara Meirowitz:   508-997-0046 ext. 123 or

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