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COSEE Ocean Systems and NEOSEC Collaboration
Mini-grants Funding Opportunity
Request for Proposals

October 2011

NEOSEC is a collaboration of more than forty institutions from across New England, including aquariums, museums, universities, government entities and science and research centers,that share a commitment to making Ocean Literacy a goal for all of New England.

Member institutions work together under the joint mission of leveraging and strengthening the region’s extraordinary ocean science and educational assets to advance understanding of the vital connections between people and the ocean. Our combined expertise, resources, and networks in turn strengthen our member institutions and their programs and services in support of their own missions. Ocean Systems (COSEE-OS) is one of 14 Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The Center’s goal is to help the COSEE Network reach rural and inland audiences. COSEE-OS creates and evaluates tools and techniques that broaden understanding of oceans in the context of the earth and solar systems.

NEOSEC is collaborating with COSEE-OS to:

  1. Increase involvement of scientists in NEOSEC collaborative programs and within individual NEOSEC institutional programs
  2. Support NEOSEC institutions in working with individual ocean scientists on fulfilling their broader impact requirements
  3. Leverage COSEE-OS content resources and concept mapping tools in content areas such as climate change
  4. Help to document and disseminate NEOSEC’s model for collaboration


Mini-grants Program and Goals
A specific activity under this partnership is distribution of mini-grants to fund NEOSEC collaborations with scientists centered on developing museum or aquarium exhibits, formal classroom activities, and informal educational programming.

The goal of the mini-grant program is to support individual institutions in work directly with ocean scientists to advance ocean literacy, achieve broader impacts of ocean research, and expand partnerships between scientists and educators.

Funding and eligibility
A maximum of $15,000 is available, from which we expect to award several mini-grants of $3,000 to $5,000.

Grants will be awarded to an organization or group of organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • The project must be a partnership involving one or more educational institutions, and scientist(s) from one or more research institutions.
  • At least one partner organization must be an institutional member of NEOSEC that conducts education and outreach programs
  • At least one ocean scientist must be involved (anyone doing marine or aquatic research in a scientific discipline at a graduate or post-graduate level). Preference will be given to scientists or organizations that receive NSF research funding.