Student Research Opportunities in Ireland: Summer 2012

The NSF issued a grant through the *International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) program* to bring U.S. students to Ireland. Four outstanding American students per year (*2 undergraduate and 2 graduate students*) will conduct marin ecological research with foreign colleagues at Europe’s first statutory marine reserve (Lough Hyne Marine Reserve) that is faced with imminent change due to large-scale alterations in the lough biota.

IRES students will participate in a pre-trip 5-day orientation workshop at OIMB and then will travel together to Ireland for the 4-week project period between summer and fall academic terms. Students will work at the University College Cork Renouf Lab, a small field station accessible by boat, and live in a nearby cottage. Each IRES student will take the lead on one aspect of the rapid, community-level changes of lough biota.

The grant will provide stipend, airfare and ground transportation to OIMB for pre-trip workshop, dorm and meal costs at OIMB, transportation costs to/from Ireland. Covered subsistence costs during the project will include lodging at Lough Hyne, health and accident insurance, and bench fees.

Project details and application forms are posted at:

*The 2012 participation dates are 19 August – 22 September. The application deadline is 1 February for the 2012 trip.*

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