Film Release and Student Essay Contest

“From the Bow Seat” , new documentary on the Gulf of Maine is a “a film of exploration with gems of ocean learning throughout”

The Gulf of Maine Marine Education Association (GOMMEA) has announced a collaborative effort to increase ocean literacy and student awareness of the Gulf of Maine, the rich marine ecosystem bounded by the coasts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and the Canadian Maritimes. The 30-year-old local chapter of the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) is partnering with independent film maker Linda Cabot to promote and share the film, “From the Bow Seat.” The film profiles a “voyage of discovery” of a mother and her teenage daughters as they seek out people engaged in understanding and protecting the living resources of the Gulf of Maine.

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Ocean Acidification Documentary

Acid Test: the Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification, a film produced by the National Resources Defense Council, was made to raise awareness about the problem of ocean acidification, which poses a fundamental challenge to life in the seas and the health of the entire planet.  The video and additional outtakes can be viewed online or downloaded from the website