Live Q&A with Dr. Robert Ballard from the E/V Nautilus

Dr. Robert Ballard, JASON’s founder and chief scientist, is aboard the E/V Nautilus, exploring the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. He’s working with a team of renowned ocean scientists, searching for shipwrecks, marine life, and geological discoveries. In order to update us on what he’s found, he’ll be holding two special question and answer sessions via live webcast.

On Friday, October 28, JASON will broadcast two live shows, lasting approximately 20 minutes each, at 1:30pm and 6:30pm EDT. During the shows you’ll have a chance to ask Bob about his research, the science on board the vessel, and what it’s like living aboard a real ship of exploration!

Be sure to join the event a few minutes before start time and send in your questions via the text window which will appear. We can’t answer all of your questions but we’ll do our best! To make sure your question has a chance at being answered, make sure to use the following resources to learn more about Dr. Ballard and the E/V Nautilus:

  • Nautilus Live web site – Watch 24/7 streaming video from the ship to learn about the explorations going on now. You can watch live footage of dives below the surface from the ROVs Hercules and Argus.
  • Commander of the Nautilus – Play this interactive digital lab and learn what it takes to navigate and explore with ships and ROVs!
  • Online learning resources for educators – Review these materials with your students to get them ready for the live web event.
  • Online learning resources for students – Explore digital labs, activities, and more!
  • Meet Dr. Ballard. – Watch a video about Dr. Ballard’s career and get ready to ask him questions!