Next Webinar in COSEE ROLE Model Webinar Series

November 3 at 7pm ET – What’s in a Model? – Understanding the Science of the Skies, featuring Dr. Carolyn Jordan (University of New Hampshire) and Kate Leavitt (Seacoast Science Center, Rye, NH).

You may have heard the term “models” used by scientists to predict events (such as hurricane paths, or weather forecasts) or better understand things like climate change or ocean currents, but what are models, and how are they really used? University of New Hampshire scientist Dr. Jordan will present a concept map about the study of climate and the atmosphere through models. Dr. Jordan will use aerosols – tiny particles in the atmosphere that influence weather and climate – to explain why models make a big difference in our understanding of the earth and atmosphere. In the second part of the webinar, educator Kate Leavitt from the Seacoast Science Center will describe her efforts working with Science Center staff to create programs about aerosols for young children.  Sign up here!