Exploring the Deep Ocean Online

A consortium of academic and cultural institutions, Fathom creates and share high-quality online learning experiences, from in-depth free seminars to shorter features, interviews, and articles.  Their Exploring the Deep Ocean section includes materials from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the UK Natural History Museum, and Seminars in Marine Science and Oceanology include free multi-session courses on shark natural history and underwater bioacoustics.

Expedition to the North Atlantic – Join Online

On January 27 the Algalita Marine Research Foundation research team will embark on a voyage to study plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Students and teachers can join the research expedition from the classroom or home through the internet-based Ship-2-Shore Education Program, finding updates, images and videos from the research vessel through the program blog; opportunities to interact with the ship’s research team and other leading researchers to ask questions and share experiences; lessons and activities to integrate the experience into the classroom curriculum; and a chance to interact with students from around the world to share information, perspectives and solutions to this global issue.  For more information contact Holly Gray ( or visit the Ship-2-Shore website.

Scripps seeking student queries

Scripps Institute of Oceanography has launched an online “Ask Voyager” project, and invites questions from K-12 students to be answered by UCalifornia-San Diego scientists.  Two questions will be taken up each month, and featured in their award-winning magazine explorations as they relate to the main feature article.  March/April will focus on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  For more information and to read past questions and answers, visit explorations online.

Seminars on Science Online Learning from AMNH

Registration is open for two sessions of Seminars on Science from the American Museum of Natural History.  The courses are ONLINE and can be taken for up to 4 graduate credits each.  Courses run Sept – Oct/ Oct – Nov (whichever works best for you), and you can sign up now at .    Courses include The Ocean System as well as the newest course, Water: Environmental Science.  Since the courses are fully web-based, there is no need to come to the museum at any time and all courses are led by both an experienced classroom teacher and a PhD scientist in the field.   Registration for Session One closes August 24. Contact for more details.

Why Do We Explore – Online Workshop

Join the College of Exploration and NOAA’s Ocean Explorer for the free online teacher workshop, Why Do We Explore, October 5-16, 2009.  This is the second workshop in a series of teacher professional development opportunities focused around NOAA’s new ship, the Okeanos Explorer.  Scientific keynote presenters and education facilitators will work with participants to delve into the benefits of ocean exploration targeting climate change, energy, human health and ocean health.  Interact with scientists, converse and share classroom applications with other educators, and find a wealth of multimedia resources.  The workshop will introduce the first in a series of Leader’s Guides for Classroom Explorers Why Do We Explore? with associated exploration lessons and hands-on activities.  The workshop will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Join the workshop

Informal Science Education Online Certificate

University of South Florida is offering a new Online Distance Learning Graduate Certificate Program in Informal Education. The program is for
· Professionals who educate the public about science
· Science teachers who want to go beyond traditional coursework and delve into the field of informal science
Courses can be used toward Ph.D., M.A. and M.Ed. degrees
If you want to
· Increase your career opportunities in informal science education
· Create a career ladder
· Understand how individuals and communities learn science
· Address learning styles for multiple audiences
· Enhance relationships between ISIs/ ISEIs and K-16 schools
· Understand the science education reform movement and standards in depth
· Build an ISI/ ISEI community professional network
· Professionalize informal science education,
then this Informal Science Education Program is for you!

Register now to become a part of the cohort beginning Fall 2009. Spaces are limited.  More online
(Select Informal Science Institutions: Environmental Education)

Course Descriptions available
For more information  contact Program Director Barbara Spector, Ph.D. at or 813.971.1856