New Physical Science Activities on the Hurricanes: Science and Society website

The Hurricanes: Science and Society website (HSS; is one of the most comprehensive Internet resources on hurricanes. HSS provides important information on the science of hurricanes and their impacts on people, buildings, and the environment. HSS also gives educators the tools to develop curricula and education materials about the importance of hurricane pre-disaster planning.

The HSS team is excited to announce the availability of new, inquiry-based activities about wind in a hurricane, building a coastal home, and utilizing hurricane imagery. In addition, there is a new and updated list of hurricane links for educators. You are invited to explore these activities and other educational resources available on the HSS site. New content describing NASA aircraft reconnaissance, the hurricane forecast process, and hurricane research models has also been added to the website.

Information presented on the HSS website is based solely on published scientific research and has undergone thorough peer review by a panel of scientific experts. The HSS website and its associated materials have been developed by the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography with support from the National Science Foundation. To receive more information about the Hurricanes: Science and Society Project, please contact Holly Morin via email ( .