Ocean Gazing Podcasts

The COSEE NOW Ocean Gazing Podcast has released a number of new episodes:

Slick of Oil

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lasted three months. In July 2010, the wellhead was capped, and the oil finally stopped gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. But the repercussions and the science? They’re far from over.

Other recent episodes include:

Clams in a jam

Dotted shrimp and sugary fish

An imminent thaw

MBARI: A seaside sequel

ROVers over and under

You can find the full archive of 49 Ocean Gazing episodes here:

Live Broadcasts: Aquarius 2010: If Reefs Could Talk

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live underwater?  From October 12-21, 2010 you can find out by tuning in to daily broadcasts live from Aquarius, the undersea research lab located off the coast of Key Largo in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
The scientific researchers or “aquanauts” that live in the Aquarius underwater habitat, as well as scientists operating from the surface, are sharing their experience and intimate knowledge of the ocean while performing their latest mission, Aquarius 2010: If Reefs Could Talk.  Mark your calendars to follow the mission online.

One Species at a Time Podcasts from EOL

For those of you who enjoyed the Podcast of Life audio series featuring marine species…..The Encyclopedia of Life ( is launching a second series of podcasts called “One Species at a Time” with a focus on biodiversity and public participation. Each podcast features a 3-5 minute audio report, a Meet the Scientist feature and an Extra’s page with interesting information, as well as ways for listeners to connect with biodiversity.  The first podcast features Four-Leaf Clovers  (White clover,Trifolium repens) Coming soon a podcast featuring Bowhead Whales!

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