Fall 2010 Semester at Sea

Sea Education Association is currently accepting applications for their Fall 2010 programs, with a choice of themes:  The History & Practice of Pacific Ocean Science or Marine Resource Management in the Atlantic.  SEA is offering a 20% discount to select students who submit a complete application to the Ocean Exploration program before March 1, as well as a variety of merit scholarships and substantial need-based aid packages.  Contact for more information or to request the new SEA Semester catalogue.

Internships – NSF Research Experience for Undergrads, ME

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences will host eight NSF-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduate participants in summer 2010, for research topics ranging from microbial oceanography to large-scale processes that drive interactions between ocean ecosystems and the global environment, focusing on the marine microbial food web, ocean biogeochemistry, optical oceanography, remote sensing, sensory biology, climate change, and fisheries oceanography. Visit the program website for more information and to apply.  Deadline 1/15/10

Virtual Workshop – On the Cutting Edge: Professional Development for Geoscience Faculty, Teaching Geoscience with Service Learning

Teaching Geoscience with Service Learning workshop is for geoscience instructors who are interested in doing a service learning project in their own courses and would like to learn more about the opportunities, or for colleagues who are currently doing service learning projects in their courses who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.  Get practical advice on how to design and implement a service-learning activity in your own instructional setting, and help us grow the collection of service-learning activities that can be used across the geoscience curriculum.  The workshop will take place February 3-9 and has an application deadline of December 20.
For more info and to apply on-line

Research Experience for Undergraduates: Gulf of Maine and the World Ocean

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences invites undergraduates to apply for the 2010 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) summer research program, Gulf of Maine and the World Ocean.  We are looking for promising students from colleges and universities around the country interested in gaining hands-on research experience.  Areas of research include the marine microbial food web, ocean biogeochemistry, optical oceanography, remote sensing, sensory biology, climate change and fisheries oceanography.  Eight students will be selected and each paired with a Bigelow scientist/mentor based on mutual research interests.  Participants will spend ten weeks (June 7 – August 13) working closely with their mentors on current research projects. Participants receive a stipend and food, housing, and travel allowances.  Undergraduates in their sophomore year or later may apply; applications are due January 15, 2010.  More information and application materials are available.  Prospective applicants may also contact Rebecca Fowler with questions, or (207) 633-9632.

Sea Education Association Program Openings

Sea Education Association still has a few spots in our 3-week High School Summer Seminars & our Fall 2009 undergraduate SEA Semesters! Based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, SEA has educated students about the world’s oceans for nearly 40 years through a fully accredited study abroad program combining the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and public policy. Intense coursework and preparation during a shore component is followed by the immediate application of students’ newfound knowledge during a sea component. Significant financial aid & new merit-based scholarships are available. Contact for more information.