Webinar: Climate Change and Iron

COSEE Ocean Systems presents December 1 at 7pm ET – “Climate Change and the Role of Iron”. Featuring: Dr. Fei CHAI (University of Maine) and Jennifer Albright (Tabor Academy).  Dr. Fei CHAI will provide an overview of the two main areas of research in the field of “climate intervention” technologies, including those that either reduce the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth or attempt to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere. The presentation will focus on the science behind iron fertilization experiments and the ocean’s role in affecting climate.

Jennifer Albright will talk to us about her decision to use concept mapping in her classroom as a tool to introduce the complex topics of global warming and climate change. She proposed that concept mapping would visually simplify the complex issues and enable high school students to understand them more intuitively than using traditional methods alone.  [Sign up now!]

About the COSEE-OS ROLE Model webinars:

You can learn about recent and exciting scientific research from world-class researchers — and get customizable versions of these scientists’ interactive concept maps — from the comfort of your living room! Free and easy to attend, ROLE Model webinars offer direct access to scientists as well as take-home resources that can be used immediately. Featured educators will also showcase their use of concept maps in educational environments. All you’ll need in order to participate are a telephone and an Internet connection.

Missed one of the previous webinars? Check out full-length webinar videos, clips and educational resources from previous webinars featuring scientists presenting on Estuary Ecology (11.17.10) Climate Aerosols (11.03.10) Studying the Dynamics of Melting Icebergs (10.20.10), The Carbon Cycle (10.03.10), Persistent Organic Pollutants (9.22.10) or Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystems (07.28.10) at http://cosee.umaine.edu/programs/webinars/previouswebinars/.

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