Whale Camp and Authors & Artists of the Sea – Maine

In partnership with Immaculata University in Pennsylvania, the Whale Camp, on Grand Manan Island off the coast of Northern Maine, offers summer programs for students and teachers to observe and study whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, and puffins in their natural habitats through direct observation, data collection, and hands-on experience with marine science equipment.  A second course, Authors & Artists of the Sea, is for students who enjoy expressing themselves in through art and/or creative writing.  It includes many of the elements of the Intro to Ecology course but focuses on students demonstrating their learning and experiences through their art and writing.  Students will collaborate in the production of a full-color hardbound book.  Both programs focus on the ecology of the Bay of Fundy and how the highest tides in the world produce huge quantities of plankton to establish a diverse food web.


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